Prestashop Back Office Bug – Not saving everytime

We have seen many threads on Prestashop official forums about users having problem with not working saving function on products in Prestashop 1.6 versions. I have faced the same problem and It’s kind of weird bug that can be solved in a minute if you follow this quick tutorial.

The problem is when you create or edit a product, try “Save and Stay” or “Save” function the line or options you have changed doesn’t work or works when you try 5 times. It can be quite pain in the ass when you try to change price and it doesn’t save the change.

Well let me tell you It’s a bug in PrestaShop that’s been there a while but is much more often triggered in newer browsers. So It’s not weird if this problem occurs after night as browser are mainly updating everyday.

I have searched the web and have found how you can easily fix this. You just need to have FTP access to your Prestashop installation.

Follow this steps and it will fix it:

– Connect to your FTP and open up Prestashop installation folders

– Go to your admin folder (it is named as your admin dashboard link)

– Navigate the form.tpl file which can be found in “/themes/default/template/controllers/products/helpers/form/form.tpl”

– Open it and delete the following lines: “submitHandler: function(form) { form.submit(); },”

– Save and upload back the changed file

– Do not forget to “Force Compile” in your Prestashop Back Office, as if not the bug will still appear. You can see how to Force Compile here: Prestashop Settings for Development and Site Updates

I hope this solution is working for you as it has for many others that have stumbled upon this bug. If you still have problems, do not hesitate and comment your problem so we can try to resolve it together and may help other readers with the same problem.

This FIX is for 1.6 version. For 1.7 versions, please contact us ( what kind of saving problems occur.

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